Motorbike rental service

We understand how it feels for motorcyclists to spend some money to get a car that's good enough, without the hassle of riding on the road. However, it is difficult to find a reputable, quality car rental service provider today. MOTORBIKE HUE - HOI AN - pioneers to become the leading provider of self-drive motorbike rental services in Vietnam.





All of our motorbikes for rent are 100% brand new, registered with the owner. In addition, after the contract ends with customers, they will be inspected, maintained and replaced with damaged parts and must meet vehicle safety standards before being delivered to new customers.

Yamaha Sirius 110cc


  • 02 half helmets
  • 02 disposable raincoat

Honda Airblade 125


  • 02 half helmets
  • 02 disposable raincoat

Honda Vision


  • 02 half helmets
  • 02 disposable raincoat

To rent a motorbike for a long time, please see the details of the price list below!


NO Deposit

Customers do not have to deposit any money for motorbike rental if they have all the required documents as specified in the company's policy. For detailed paperwork please see our car rental policy section.

1-day rental = 24h

Unlike other car rental companies, car rental dates are from morning to afternoon, so for the same 24 hour rental period you always have to pay more money than the MOTORBIKE HUE - HOI AN rental car. Our 1-day rental = 24h calculation is extremely beneficial for car renters.

Pick up in Hue, return at Hoi An

You can pick up the motorbikes in Hue to go to Hoi An and return them there


From the second day of rental onwards, the hourly rental calculation will apply, for each additional hour of a manual transmission motorbike, we will charge an additional VND 10k, and a scooter is VND 20k. Renting a motorbike more than 9 hours will be counted towards 1 day of motorbike rental. Early return MOTORBIKE HUE - HOI AN will refund your balance

Motorbike rental procedures


  • One of the following three types of documents: ID card, Passport, Citizen card.
  • Information on air tickets or train tickets to and from Hue. Ticket information can be ticket stubs or electronic tickets.

Local customers

  • One of the following three types of documents: ID card, Passport, Citizen card.
  • Original household registration book. If there is no original household registration book, a deposit of 3 million will replace the household registration book.


  • For customers who do not belong to the two groups above, please call the hotline 09 35 37 37 35 for assistance and answers.


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